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First Post 11/27/2023 "I NEED TO PLUCK MY EYEBROWS!!!!!!!!!!! (pic unrelated)" #spitballing
Back to Work 11/28/2023 "im going back to work today after the holidays and also i really want some mcfuckin pizza rn" #work
Moving Day 12/01/2023 "my partner and i are finally moving into our apartment today! i got essentially kicked out..." #LifeUpdate
New Epic Rap Battles of History 12/07/2023 "A new Epic Rap Battles of History video has arrived and oh my god is it good. First off, the beat..." #Rap
Office Blogging 12/10/2023 "Writing this in my cubicle at work right now. Working an office job is nice like that sometimes..." #journaling #work
Bookstore Regular 12/13/2023 "My girlfriend has informed me that my last blog post reads not unlike a 4chan post. Apologies..." #journaling